Dinova German shepherds
~Through the Years~

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I am a German Shepherd breeder located in the Pocono Mountains of northeast Pennsylvania. Following is a brief history, written in spring 2005:

I can say that I have had German Shepherds all my life - well, since I was three. I began a breeding program in the early 1990s.  Soon after that, I started a family of my own and put my breeding plans on hold.  Ten years later, I returned.

My interest in German Shepherds was what earned me my first dog-related job, working at a kennel that housed protection dogs. Soon after that, I did man-dog teams, some Schutzhund training, and then went on to animal medicine, working at two of the largest animal hospitals on Long Island, New York, and then a third smaller practice. During that time, I was very involved in obedience training German Shepherds, even training others' dogs.  The breed ring had always captured my heart, and I knew that was where I belonged.

Knowing that I want to preserve the working desire and training ability of my German Shepherds while improving beauty, structure, and health, I purchased my foundation dog from a German Shepherd breeder who had been doing the same for more than 30 years.  So, to a new beginning, I remain . . .

Jodi Distilli
DiNova German Shepherds
Greentown, Pennsylvania